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One day
One day I have seen you.
One day I will go.
You and the dream are the same.
I am like traveling birds
Like a down I came
And like lovely kisses.
Love always is one
I will remember you in my poems.
A gypsy woman,
You will say,
Forgive me.
If you like to remember me,
You have to sit every night and ask the moon.
And you have to listen to an impossible song.
Then you will find me in the letters of the song
That time I will come and I will be between your arms,
Then I will repeat
A gypsy woman forgive me,
My love.
All what I wished to you
Glad and love.
Remembering that night
Shizar, Arak
And beautiful night in New York.
If you dream your is
Totawa …
Plant it among flowers
And say,
He will come my love.
A poem of Ishak Alkomi, in N-J USA 1990

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