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ترجمها : الأستاذ/ محمود عباس مسعود
نونية ابن زيدون …الوجدانية التي بعث بها بحتري الغرب ..ابن زيدون إلى ولاّدة بنت المستكفي
Ibn Zaydun’s Ode of Lamentable Separation
Translated by: Mahmoud Abbas Masoud

أضْحَى التّنائي بَديلاً مِنْ تَدانِينَا،
وَنَابَ عَنْ طيبِ لُقْيانَا تجافينَا

Separation has taken the place of our close contact;
Alienation replaced our sweet getting together

ألاّ وَقَد حانَ صُبحُ البَينِ، صَبّحَنا
حَيْنٌ، فَقَامَ بِنَا للحَيْنِ نَاعيِنَا

Morning of disunion dawned ominously poignant,
As death of a loved one announced

مَنْ مبلغُ الملبسِينا، بانتزاحِهمُ،
حُزْناً، معَ الدهرِ لا يبلى ويُبْلينَا

Let those who caused this painful separation know
The sorrow they inflicted upon us is forever lasting;
We, by it consumed

غِيظَ العِدا مِنْ تَساقِينا الهوَى فدعَوْا
بِأنْ نَغَصَّ، فَقالَ الدّهرًُ آمينَا

We drank deep from fountains of romantic accord;
Our envious enemies angered.
They invoked evil upon us; desiring we choke;
Fates granted their wishes

فَانحَلّ ما كانَ مَعقُوداً بأَنْفُسـِنَا؛
وَانْبَتّ ما كانَ مَوْصُولاً بأيْدِينَا

Cords binding our souls untied,
Love bonds joining our hands together, severed

وَقَدْ نَكُونُ، وَمَا يُخشَـى تَفَرّقُنا،
فاليومَ نحنُ، ومَا يُرْجى تَلاقينَا

So close we were; unmindful of separation,
Today we are apart;
With no hope of ever meeting again

يا ليتَ شعرِي، ولم نُعتِبْ أعاديَكم،
هَلْ نَالَ حَظّاً منَ العُتبَى أعادينَا

Never have I attempted to please the enemies,
Are they now happy; we are no longer together

لم نعتقدْ بعـدكمْ إلاّ الوفاء لكُمْ
رَأياً، ولَمْ نَتَقلّدْ غَيرَهُ دِينَا

I have nothing but abiding loyalty to you;
Deeply ingrained in my innermost being

ما حقّنا أن تُقِرّوا عينَ ذي حَسَدٍ
بِنا، ولا أن تَسُرّوا كاشِحاً فِينَا

Let envious ones feel not elated
For what has happened to me,
No hate-consumed individual
Needs to gloat over my misfortune

كُنّا نرَى اليَأسَ تُسْلِينا عَوَارِضُه،
وَقَدْ يَئِسْنَا فَمَا لليأسِ يُغْرِينَا

I thought I would never taste sorrow,
But now I am dejected; had been deceived

بِنْتُم وَبِنّا، فَما ابتَلّتْ جَوَانِحُنَــا
شَوْقاً إلَيكُمْ، وَلا جَفّتْ مآقِينَا

Far from each other,
Immense longing for you overtakes me;
My tearful eyes never dry

نَكادُ، حِينَ تُنَاجِيكُمْ ضَمائرُنــا،
يَقضي علَينا الأسَى لَوْلا تأسّينَا

When passionately invoking your memory,
Unbearable sadness almost kills me;
I try to console myself, meeting you again

حَالَتْ لِفقدِكُمُ أيّامُنــا، فغَدَتْ
سُوداً، وكانتْ بكُمْ بِيضاً لَيَالِينَا

Ever since I lost you, I am never the same.
With you, my nights were bright;
Without you, my days are now dark

إذْ جانِبُ العَيشِ طَلْقٌ من تألُّفِنا؛
وَمَرْبَعُ اللّهْوِ صَافٍ مِنْ تَصَافِينَا

How happy life was when we were together!
How undiluted our felicitous joys

وَإذْ هَصَرْنَا فُنُونَ الوَصْلِ دانية ً
قِطَافُها، فَجَنَيْنَا مِنْهُ ما شِينَا

We plucked luscious fruits of union
From love branches, hanging low
Had our fill, as we pleased

ليُسقَ عَهدُكُمُ عَهدُ السّرُورِ فَما
كنتم لأروَاحِنَ‍ا إلاّ رَياحينَ‍ا

May you ever be blessed with gladness,
You were nothing but an aroma to my soul

لا تَحْسَـبُوا نَأيَكُمْ عَنّا يغيّرُنا؛
أنْ طالَما غَيّرَ النّأيُ المُحِبّينَا!

Don’t for a moment believe
That our separation will change my heart;
Even though parting often changes lovers’ feelings

وَاللهِ مَا طَلَبَتْ أهْواؤنَا بَدَلا
مِنْكُمْ، وَلا انصرَفتْ عنكمْ أمانينَا

By God, I never wished to be with someone else
Other than you;
Nor my hope for meeting you ever diminishes

يا سارِيَ البَرْقِ غادِ القصرَ وَاسقِ به
مَن كانَ صِرْف الهَوى وَالوُدَّ يَسقينَا

O flashing, sailing clouds! Pour your bounty
On the palace of the beloved.
Offer her a drink of refreshing rainwater,
As she used to offer me draughts of pure love

وَاسـألْ هُنالِكَ: هَلْ عَنّى تَذكُّرُنا
إلفاً، تذكُّرُهُ أمسَى يعنّينَا؟

Ask her if she still remembers me: her lover;
Whether she fondly recalls to memory our past day,
As I achingly do

وَيَا نسيمَ الصَّـبَا بلّغْ تحيّتَنَا
مَنْ لَوْ على البُعْدِ حَيّا كان يحيِينا

O soft, gentle breeze, do carry my heartfelt greetings
To the one who can bring life and hope to my soul,
Even by wafting a greeting from far away

فهلْ أرى الدّهرَ يقضينا مساعفَة ً
مِنْهُ، وإنْ لم يكُنْ غبّاً تقاضِينَا

Will Life ever bring us together again?
How I would love to be with you,
Even for a brief moment

رَبيبُ مُلكٍ، كَأنّ اللَّهَ أنْشَأهُ
مِسكاً، وَقَدّرَ إنشاءَ الوَرَى طِينَا

Royal blood courses in your veins; so unique
As if God created you of musk,
And the rest of mankind, of mud

أوْ صَاغَهُ وَرِقاً مَحْضاً، وَتَوجهُ
مِنْ نَاصِعِ التّبرِ إبْداعاً وتَحسِينَا

Or fashioned you of silver leaves,
Sprinkled with glittering gold dust;
An inimitable masterpiece, unsurpassed

إذَا تَأوّدَ آدَتْهُ، رَفاهِيّة ً،
تُومُ العُقُودِ، وَأدمتَهُ البُرَى لِينَا

When you gracefully move,
Beads from your precious necklace
Bring out your delicate features.
Your feet are so tender,
Easily cut by anklets; blood trickles

كانتْ لَهُ الشّمسُ ظئراً في أكِلّته،
بَلْ ما تَجَلّى لها إلاّ أحايِينَا

The Sun nursed you its light and beauty,
While babe in your cradle;
Albeit rarely exposed to its glare

كأنّما أثبتَتْ، في صَحنِ وجنتِهِ،
زُهْرُ الكَوَاكِبِ تَعوِيذاً وَتَزَيِينَا

Your face beams with striking beauty,
As if stars securely placed in your countenance;
Offering protection, bestowing loveliness

ما ضَرّ أنْ لمْ نَكُنْ أكفاءه شرَفاً،
وَفي المَوَدّة ِ كافٍ مِنْ تَكَافِينَا؟

It matters not if I am no nobility like you,
The love between us suffices for equality

يا رَوْضَة ً طالَما أجْنَتْ لَوَاحِظَنَا
وَرْداً، جَلاهُ الصِّبا غضّاً، وَنَسْرِينَا

O fragrant garden!
How often I feasted my eyes
On your primroses and delicate flowers!
Made brighter and lovelier
By freshness of your youthfulness

ويَا حياة ً تملّيْنَا، بزهرَتِهَا،
مُنى ً ضروبَاً، ولذّاتٍ أفانينَا

O delightful life we savored to the full!
With variant longings, distinct enjoyments

ويَا نعِيماً خطرْنَا، مِنْ غَضارَتِهِ،
في وَشْيِ نُعْمَى ، سحَبنا ذَيلَه حينَا

O past exultation, throbbing bliss!
How we donned your variegated robes,
How your shadow followed us
In days of yore

لَسنا نُسَمّيكِ إجْلالاً وَتَكْرِمَة ً
وَقَدْرُكِ المُعْتَلي عَنْ ذاك يُغْنِينَا

I don’t mention you by name
Out of utmost respect for you.
Your exalted status makes it unnecessary
To utter your name

إذا انفرَدَتِ وما شُورِكتِ في صِفَة ٍ
فحسبُنا الوَصْفُ إيضَاحاً وتبْيينَا

Enough for me to describe your uniqueness,
To point out your unmatched qualities

يا جنّة َ الخلدِ أُبدِلنا، بسدرَتِها
والكوثرِ العذبِ، زقّوماً وغسلينَا

Paradise was ours, fully to enjoy,
Yet we exchanged its living tree and heavenly river
For bitter fruit and brackish water

كأنّنَا لم نبِتْ، والوصلُ ثالثُنَا،
وَالسّعدُ قَدْ غَضَّ من أجفانِ وَاشينَا

How often we joyously communed,
happily concealed from unsympathetic eyes!
Now a vanished dream

إنْ كان قد عزّ في الدّنيا اللّقاءُ بكمْ
في مَوْقِفِ الحَشرِ نَلقاكُمْ وَتَلْقُونَا

If unable to meet you again in this world,
We shall yet have another reunion in the world to come

سِرّانِ في خاطِرِ الظّلماءِ يَكتُمُنا،
حتى يكادَ لسانُ الصّبحِ يفشينَا

In our meetings, we were two secrets
Concealed by the heart of darkness;
Until the tongue of morning well-nigh revealed us

لا غَرْوَ في أنْ ذكرْنا الحزْنَ حينَ نهتْ
عنهُ النُّهَى ، وَتركْنا الصّبْرَ ناسِينَا

No wonder I so often mention sadness,
When wisdom forbids its mention;
I have abandoned patience; forgot it altogether

إنّا قرَأنا الأسَى ، يوْمَ النّوى ، سُورَاً
مَكتوبَة ً، وَأخَذْنَا الصّبرَ يكفينا

On the day of parting, I read lines of grief;
Plainly written.
Realized I must have composure

أمّا هواكِ، فلمْ نعدِلْ بمَنْهَلِهِ
شُرْباً وَإنْ كانَ يُرْوِينَا فيُظمِينَا

As for your love,
I will never exchange its refreshing source
For any delightful drink.
Your love, although quenching my thirst,
Leaves me parched; athirst again

لمْ نَجْفُ أفقَ جمالٍ أنتِ كوكبُهُ
سالِينَ عنهُ، وَلم نهجُرْهُ قالِينَا

I never abandoned the skies of beauty,
Illumined by the bright star of your presence
I never sought another,
Never turned my back on you

وَلا اخْتِياراً تَجَنّبْناهُ عَنْ كَثَبٍ،
لكنْ عَدَتْنَا، على كُرْهٍ، عَوَادِينَا

I Never wished for this separation
Did my utmost to avoid it.
Alas, the Fates acted differently

نأسَى عَليكِ إذا حُثّتْ، مُشَعْشَعَة ً،
فِينا الشَّمُولُ، وغنَّانَا مُغنّينَا

I feel the twinge of sorrow,
When I drink alone,
And hear the singer’s plaintive strains

لا أكْؤسُ الرّاحِ تُبدي من شمائِلِنَا
سِيّما ارْتياحٍ، وَلا الأوْتارُ تُلْهِينَا

Goblets calm not my disposition,
Nor afford me solace,
Delightful music powerless to make me forget

دومي على العهدِ، ما دُمنا، مُحافِظة ً،
فالحرُّ مَنْ دانَ إنْصافاً كما دينَا

Stay faithful to me, as I to you;
Noble hearts remain true and loyal

فَما استعضْنا خَليلاً منكِ يحبسُنا
وَلا استفدْنا حبِيباً عنكِ يثنينَا

No new companion will make me abandon you,
No lover will take your place in my heart

وَلَوْ صبَا نحوَنَا، من عُلوِ مطلعه،
بدرُ الدُّجى لم يكنْ حاشاكِ يصبِينَا

Should the perfect moon incline toward me,
She will never tempt me away from you

أبْكي وَفاءً، وَإنْ لم تَبْذُلي صِلَة ً،
فَالطّيفُ يُقْنِعُنَا، وَالذّكرُ يَكفِينَا

I shed tears of loyalty for you.
Should you decide not to vouch a get together,
I will content myself pondering your image;
Feeding my soulful yearning on your memory

وَفي الجَوَابِ مَتَاعٌ، إنْ شَفَعتِ بهِ
بيضَ الأيادي، التي ما زِلتِ تُولينَا

Should you deign to dispatch a reply,
It would thrill me to the core.
I am, and will be, ever grateful to you,
For your never-ceasing kindnesses

إليكِ منّا سَلامُ اللَّهِ ما بَقِيَتْ
صَبَابَة ٌ بِكِ نُخْفِيهَا، فَتَخْفِينَا

May God’s peace abide with you,
So long as your love abides in me.
An immense longing I try to hide,
But just the same!
It only discloses my devotion to you

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